Comedian Completely Screws Over Cold-Calling Con Artists



It’s one of the most annoying things in the modern world. Getting a call (which is annoying anyway) and absent-mindedly picking it up only to find out that you’ve been mis-sold PPI or something.

So you give the nice gentleman at the end of the line your credit card details with the hope everything will be OK. But it isn’t. They steal you money and you’re left without any PPI.

Obviously this never actually happens because, in general, people are smarter than that. But what happened when someone fights back and beats the grifters at their own game? Comedian, Dave Holmes, got a call of that nature and tweeted the story of what happened next…



So a happy ending (of sorts). No one got conned and you now have the capacity to annoy the Officers and Agents at the “IRS”.

Happy days!

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