New Banksy Artwork Comes With A Strong Message To The Police


Banksy – the street artist who made graffiti be recognized as art – has struck the walls of London again. 

This time the infamous artist has depicted the iconic girl from the musical Les Miserables with tears rolling down her cheeks and gas billowing around her.

No, it’s not a particularly savage review of the long-running West End stage show. Instead, it’s in criticism of the use of tear gas on refugees in the “Jungle” camps around Calais.  Although tear gas has been used against migrants attempting to get under lorries, French police have long insisted that they do not use it on the families in the camps.

However, a QR code on Banksy’s artwork links to a video which appears to show French police vans using water cannons and tear gas -resulting in refugees fleeing the area vomiting and with streaming eyes.