A New Deadpool Clip Has Emerged Online And Ryan Reynolds Should Be Proud



It was only the other day I got a marriage proposal mixed up with a proposition for anal sex. It was awkward at the time but we laugh about it now. Definitely one to tell the grand-kids.

No that’s not right. That happened to Deadpool, not me. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my mum. Or watch the official film clip that they just released. Your choice.

It’s not really something you’d expect to see Batman or Thor doing… but I suppose that’s why we love the Merc with the mouth.

And it’s not just back door sex and plugging that they’re having a laugh about, the Deadpool team are also parodying the X-Files. Because they believe.

Really can’t wait for this film. Less than a month to go! To get you extra hyped, here’s the most recent trailer… obviously it’s very not PG.