BBC Presenter Makes Awkward Game Of Thrones Blunder To Kit Harington



Brooding dreamboat with excellent cloak game, Kit Harington, is most well known for his role in the little-known, old-timey, war and sex-fest, Game Of Thrones as Jon Snow.

So it stands to reason that, for fans, the lines between Harington and Snow have become pretty blurred. But what about professional BBC presenters? Surely they don’t make errors that make an, otherwise textbook, interview crazy-awkward?

Ehhhhhh sort of. At least Bill Turnbull might, anyway. Interviewing Kit Harington about his new play and a bit about GoT, the interview went swimmingly… except when, at the end, he turned to Kit and said “Thanks very much, Jon”. Harington took it on the chin as Turnbull emphatically tried to cover his back. Very awkward.

The highlight is in the closing seconds when you see the shame in poor Bill’s eyes.