Rapper ‘The Game’ Just Posted His Bank Balance On Instagram, And Now Everyone Feels Poor



You know when you just got paid and you owe your mate some money and do the whole online transfer thing on your phone and they spy over your shoulder that you’re currently £130 out of your overdraft and they get all shifty because you said you were skint, but you’re clearly “loaded”? 

Yes? Well that moment, judging by his incredibly hefty bank balance, is not likely to happen to The Game for a very long time. The rapper decided to go public about his good deed, donating a wapping $500,ooo dollars to help distribute much needed water to people in Flint, Michigan who are struggling with water contamination.

Good on him, but in the process of shouting about his donation, he also let slip that he’s got a further $13,274,585.32 in his bank account.

$13,274,585.32… why didn’t I go into the rap game again?

#WATERFORFLINT PROOF !!! So, I’m on tour & not in the US as I’d like to be to help with this water crisis in Flint, Michigan 1st hand…. #1 because my younger sister & her children live there & 2nd because I care. Most celebs on here faking using the word “Pledge” in their so called donations are not fooling anyone ! The truth is the population in Flint, Michigan is about 105,000 people & it takes at least 9 bottles per person a day just to use to bathe, brush their teeth, drink & cook with… So on behalf my charity @TheRobinHoodProject I am donating $1,000,000 in water bottles..$500,000 coming out of my own pocket (which is everything I’ve made on tour up to this point) & the other 1/2 being met by @AvitaWater & the 1st drop is being made TODAY 1pm eastern time at “Food Bank East Michigan” 2300 Lapeer Road flint Michigan 48503 & the 1st drop will be 1400 cases of water equaling about 33,000 bottles today & everyday that follows until 1,000,000 bottles of water are dropped !!!! To those who think it’s easy getting this water to Flint, it’s not so the people who are PLEDGING they are, show us.. We want proof !!! Stop using others tragedies for your own celebrity gain… You’re not fooling ANYONE ! I seen @Madonna & @JimmyFallon’s $10,000 donations… that’s cute, but not nearly enough…. So I challenge both & anyone else in the world to match me & DONATE $1,000,000 in bottled water to Flint, Michigan & we want proof, shipping order receipts, bank wire receipts, pictures etc……….. No more pretending to give a fuck….. I donate money all the time & it comes out of my pocket & never once have I written anything off on my taxes because that’s not why I do it !!!!!!!! So, if any other celebrity wants to MATCH MY MILLION here’s the site where you can donate http://selfmadefoundation.org or pick your own.. JUST MAKE SURE THE WATER ACTUALLY GETS TO THE PEOPLE WHO NEED IT !! & I don’t wanna see anyone else using the word “PLEDGE” in their donation or press release because we know that that means. “YOU JUST TALKING & TRYING TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A HUMANITARIAN” !!! #WaterForFlint #TheRobinHoodProject #AvitaH20Corp #SelfmadeFoundation #HUMANPOWERBALL

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Now, it’s a little unclear as to whether the figure is actually The Game’s personal money or that of his charity The Robin Hood Project. But on The Robin Hood Project’s Instagram he says “Giving $1,000,000 of my own $$$ to people around the world just because I feel like it”, so it seems like the funds all come from The Game himself:



Which also means there must be more even more Game dosh laying around in another bank account somewhere…

Just imagine. 


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