Nikon Awards 1st Prize To Badly Photoshopped Photo, The Internet Responds


OopsNikon made a bit of an error and now everyone is laughing at them. 

It all started when they posted this on Facebook, awarding first prize to Yu Wei for his capturing of an airplane mid-air.


Except…a quick change of levels showed that the photo wasn’t genuine.


People were quick to point out that Yu Wei had even said on Instagram that he hadn’t waited long for the plane to pass.


To be fair to Yu Wei, he contacted PetaPixel and said this:

“I was on a photo walk in Chinatown and I chanced upon that set of ladders. I snapped a picture of it, and subsequently felt that a plane at that spot would make for an interesting point of view. Hence, I inserted the plane with PicsArt and uploaded it to Instagram. That’s how I use Instagram, sometime it’s to showcase the work I’m proud of, sometimes just to have fun. This case, that small plane was just for fun and it was not meant to bluff anyone. I would have done it with photoshop if I really meant to lie about it, but no, it was a playful edit using the PicsArt app and uploaded to Instagram. When my friends commented with some questions, I also answered it jokingly, saying it’s the last flight of the day and saying it was my lucky day that I did not wait too long. At that time, of course everyone who read it took it as a joke, before this issue arrived and it is taken seriously.”

He did go on to admit that submitting the photo to Nikon and entering their competition was a mistake. But hey, who are we to judge, without his submission we wouldn’t have these brilliant images.

A fun day out


Image Credit: Render Brant

They’ll be ok, they get nine lives apparently


Image Credit: Thomas Lim

“Yipee kai yay”


Image Credit: Tom Erdmann



Image Credit: Randy DeWitt Wei Ming

The name’s Bond, James Bond. License to tamper with photos. 


Image Credit: Adrian Lam



Image Credit: Zhirong Fu

About time


Image Credit: Alf Chern

Nothing to see here pal, move on


Image Credit: Glenn Guan

“He’s telling the truth, I have the exact same lens.”


Image Credit: Eric Benson

The force is str…you know the drill.


Image Credit: Naoki Tsukumo

Here he is…


Image Credit: Vato915

Amazing. At least nobody was hurt in the awarding of this first prize…

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