Husband Asked His Wife What She Was Thinking – She Drew Him This Huge Diagram


Whether you’re kissing (perhaps more), just chillin’, eating food, or pretending you have a girlfriend, “what are you thinking” is impossible to avoid and even harder to answer without offending your other half.

Literally all you have to do is look them in the eye and maybe smile a bit and they’ll immediately see this as an invitation into your mind. And we all know what they’re hoping for but like 99.9% of the time the real answer isn’t “Oh I was just thinking about how great you are.” It’s usually dogs or cars or something. Stop asking.

But even with that in mind, Stephen (we assume that’s his name judging by the top right of the image) asked his wife to draw what’s on her mind (as you do) and, you know… she did. Apparently she has a lot on her mind since there was very little actual drawing involved and yet she still managed to fill a page.


To be fair… we all feel the pain of this.


For me it was a letter opener that looked like a Templar’s sword that I bought in a medieval festival in Spain when I was eight. I never got any letters but I convinced myself that it was a dagger.

But anyway, enough of that. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!



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