Watch Two Best Mates Sneak Into The Cinema Dressed As One Person



Going to the cinema these days costs at least the same amount as renting a small flat in London. And, that’s without the popcorn, nachos and XXL coke. 

OK, it’s not quite that pricey but seeing the latest blockbuster will definitely set you back a fair amount of your hard earned coinage. Which is probably why these fellas came up with an ingenious plan to get into the cinema 2-4-1. Hey, it’s been tough out there since the end of Orange Wednesdays…

YouTuber Bo Johnson and his mate Matthew bought some extra large clothing and made themselves into one supersize cinema goer. The idea? No one is going to ask someone if they are actually two people combined as one! That’s so much worse than offering a poor, unassuming lady the pregnancy seat on the tube when she’s actually just had a big lunch, thankyou very much!

It must have been so hot in there: