Pensioner Who Died During Sex Had To Have ‘Prostitute Surgically Removed’


A video has surfaced which appears to show a dead pensioner being wheeled out of his house, with a sex worker still attached. 

Although we don’t know exactly what he died of, it’s being reported that he died during sex with a woman. She can be seen under a blanket, seemingly crouching on top of the man’s body.

First posted on China’s version of YouTube (Miaopai), the footage was picked up by LiveLeak, and it is now quickly going viral.

Although it is unclear exactly what happened, people are speculating that it could be ‘penis captivus’ – a condition where the vaginal walls clamp down hard on the penis. This usually sorts itself out once things calm down a bit, and although it does occur in human couplings, it’s actually more common in animals.


In any case, the couple were taken to the hospital, where the sex worker was allegedly ‘surgically removed’ before the old gentleman was taken to the morgue.

You can watch the video here:

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