Weird Japanese Game Show Has Girls Woken Up In Creepy Sexual Ways


You know who never does anything weird? The Japanese.

I realise that’s a huge generalisation but, for the sake of the article’s fluidity, let’s all agree that the Japanese, or at the very least, Japanese TV, is really weird and borderline creepy. They do have a game show where men have to sing whilst being uhhh… given a hand, after all.


In this game show, from what I can work out (and I did really study it to the best of my abilities), a whole plethora of girls have to be woken up by a couple of men, one under the guise as there collective mother, and be as cute as possible in their awakening or else they’ll have a cream pie thrown in their face.

Things get weird and, as you might have suspected by now, it sort of takes a sexual turn…