This Couple Are Planning The Most Northern Wedding Ever


Ahhh weddings… Love flows through the air, everyone’s dressed to the nines, family and friends reunite and the small of gravy fills are noses in the summer breeze.

Maybe not the last one. Well, if you’re either Adam Nicholson or Becca Piwinski from Beverley, East Yorkshire (and it’s pretty likely that you’re not), then the last point does apply to you.


Why? The couple won a tiered Yorkshire pudding cake and canapes from an Aunt Bessie’s competition. The competition was hosted in light of Yorkshire pudding day (February 7th as if you needed reminding).


Bride-to-be Becca said:

We are getting married on a Yorkshire farm and a giant Yorkshire pudding wedding cake felt like a brilliant idea to wow our guests with.

We absolutely love Yorkshire puddings and I have tried numerous times to make my own and failed. Aunt Bessie’s is the guaranteed favourite every time, which is why we thought we would enter the competition – we never thought we would win.

Adam added went on to say: We are already so excited about our wedding day and now even more so as we’ll have this crazy wedding cake to show off to our guests.




The head chefs at Aunt Bessie’s have been designing the cake (???) for three weeks and emerged with the prototype you see in the pictures. There’s also going to be a gravy fountain… seriously.

Yorkshire Puddings are nice, don’t get me wrong. They’re definitely in the top three ingredients of a roast dinner (after the meat and potatoes, provided they’re crispy… gravy is a close contender), but a Yorkshire pudding cake? At a wedding?! I’m not convinced.

Even so, good luck the them come July (when they tie the knot).

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