Beyonce Owned Bruno Mars And Chris Martin In Epic Super Bowl Dance Off



I may have been completely owning the macarena on dance floors since I was seven, but I still wouldn’t bet my chances against Beyonce in a dance off situation. 

So it stands to reason that poor Bruno Mars – who has the moves of a young Michael Jackson – and Chris Martin (who does not) didn’t have a chance against Bey in last night’s Super Bowl performance.

Bruno brought a PVC-clad ‘Uptown Funk’ to the floor, pulling off moves that haven’t been seen since Vanilla Ice last performed ‘Ice Ice Baby’ live, aka. a very long time ago.

But when Beyonce hit the stage, accompanied by a troupe of Black Panther style dancers, and performed her new track ‘Formation’, she immediately stole the show, bringing the ‘black lives matter’ movement to the forefront of the millions of people watching. Nice one, Bey.

She even turned “falling over” into a pretty fantastic dance move:


So by the time Chris Martin hopped in to round off the whole thing, there was really no hope for a dad from Devon. Even if he has sold over 87.5 million records worldwide…