People Aren’t Happy With Sam Faiers’ Boyfriend Following Baby TV Show


When you’re classed as a ‘Reality Star’, I guess there’s only one thing to do when you find out you’re expecting a baby. Make sure you’ve booked a camera crew?

Sam Faiers launched a TV show that followed the birth of her little one, called The Baby Diaries – which aired last night.

The TOWIE star invited cameras and people at home to follow her relationship with boyfriend Paul Knightley as they invite their baby (also named Paul) into the world. People loved getting to see Sam on their screens again… her boyfriend? Not so much…

  Basically, the people want him gone. Especially after he told Sam he wouldn’t be doing anything nice for her after the baby came. Apparently, she’ll have to do everything herself and wait until the baby is down for a nap!

Another moment of his definitely didn’t go unnoticed….

People, eh?

Despite criticisms of the show (mostly about old Paul), Sam remains pleased with the show and the reaction it got.

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