Science Discovered What Really Turns A Woman On


You’re a stallion in the bedroom, you’ve got all the moves, you can make a woman cum just by looking at her, your penis resembles an elephant’s trunk and you certainly don’t need any help when it comes to the ladies, thank you very much. 

Now that’s over and done with, let’s get honest. Everyone can do with a few pointers when it comes to sexy time, and you can’t really argue with science now, can you? Especially when it’s been practiced on poor little lab mice (eew).

Researchers have genetically modified mice to turn off the neurons which receive oxytocin – the chemical which controls our brains’ reward mechanism. As a result, scientists found that the female mice had zero sexual interest in the horny males, reportedly giving them as much interest as a “block of Lego.”

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Now as far as I’m aware “blocks of lego” have never been successfully used in foreplay (please, alert me if I’m wrong) so it may be time to switch things up and start rewarding your lady. To explain, oxytocin plays a massive role in a woman’s sex drive. Think of it as the Ryan Gosling of the hormone world. It is related to how much you ‘social trust’ you have in someone, and is released when people touch, hug or even just make eye contact.

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So if your partner trusts you, and you give her one of those tender, loving bear hugs it might just be the key to having a nice bit of rumpy pumpy later on. Chief oxytocin expert, Zak Paul, suggests that the effects of a single hug can last for as much as an hour. To give you an idea of just how important this hor-moan is, it’s usually most prevalent after an intense orgasm between couples who say they are “in love.”

Powerful stuff.

Who’d have thought it? A hug may just be the key to better sex… makes sense really.

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