This Woman Spent £10,000 To Look Like All The Disney Princesses


It’s every little girls, and some boys, dream to one day become a princess. 

For one girl, 25-year-old Sarah Ingle from Colorado, her dream (after spending a cheeky £10,000) came true. My seven-year-old self would be so jealous right now.


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Sarah has splashed out a whopping $12,200 (£8,500) on 17 outfits that span from Cinderella to Frozen’s Elsa, Snow White to Rapunzel. Despite her already fairy tale looks, she says it takes long time to get ready for each part and requires extensive make-up contouring and outfits with lots and lots of layers.


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To complete the look she’s also spent $2,100 (£1,500) on matching wigs and coloured contacts and found a boyfriend, 30-year-old Derek Van Schaik to dress up like a prince for her. She said: “Derek absolutely loves me as a princess… he never gets sick of me singing Disney songs around him, which some boyfriends might find annoying.”


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Sarah – who works full time as a marketing manager – spends her weekends as a princess, charging $140 (£100) an hour to appear at children’s parties and events, through her company Princess Ever After.

She spent Christmas as Snow White at a nursing home last year, and said: “It was just wonderful to see how much all of the residents enjoyed themselves… children always think I’m a real princess which is lovely.”


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Her favourite get-up is Ariel from the Little Mermaid, because she loves the red wig and wearing the mermaid tail for the day – we’re not sure how she gets around, but here is a very strange video we found of her in character on Youtube: