Drunk Woman Learns The Hard Way Not To Assault A Police Officer


You know when you’re being arrested? Yeah we all do the same thing… we body-slam one of the officers and then have our sister on the sidelines for backup. It’s textbook stuff.

But for any of you out there who haven’t done this, here’s some advice. Don’t do any of that and if a policeman tells you to back off, back off.


This woman learnt the hard way to obey police orders when, in Australia, she watched her brother resist arrest. It’s really annoying, actually, since she won’t stop screaming and swearing and, in general, being totally incoherent. It’s weird that the place don’t take action sooner, especially considering she slaps one of them…

But despite her lucky escapes, she won’t quit and eventually learns that a threat of pepper-spraying usually ends in some pepper-swaying. Have a look…