Photos Show Inside The Incredible Replica Of The Titanic, Due To Set Sail In 2018



If you’ve ever dreamed of recreating that famous Titanic scene where Kate trusts Leo and they’re flying, well you’re in luck. 

An Australian billionaire has revealed plans to build almost an exact replica of the Titanic, due to set sail in 2018.


Using computer generated images, Clive Palmer (working with Blue Star Line) has revealed that his Titanic II will look eerily similar to the original, ill-fated ship that set sail in 1912.


Here’s the original staircase:


And here’s what the replica will look like:


This was the Café Parisien:


And here’s the Titanic II version:


The Titanic had a swimming pool, filled with salt water after the ship’s departure from Southampton:


And the Titanic II has followed suit, although this one will probably be filled with chlorinated water:


Some of the Titanic’s original features have been replicated, but will not be functional, so while this was the Titanic’s original helm…


…This will not be what steers the replica:


Palmer will be offering First, Second and Third class tickets (all probably at a pretty hefty price), and Titanic II will be sailing from Jiangsu (in China) to Dubai.

It will hold slightly more passengers than the original ship, and there will be enough lifeboats for everybody.

Over 1,500 people died when the Titanic sunk in April 1912, and the ship’s wreck was only found in 1985. 

Image Credits: WikipediaBlue Star Line


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