Woman Gets Perfect Revenge On Commuter Who Parked On Her Drive


Ever dreamt of exacting revenge on the people who constantly do little irritating things, like pushing in front of you in the queue, or your flatmate never taking the bins out – or leaving the toothpaste lid off? 

At the time you brush it off with an air of annoyance, but after a while those little annoyances build up and one day you just explode and do something really, really crazy and it feels so good, but you’re not sure if the police will accept “but he kept letting the toothpaste go dry” as a valid excuse…

We’re pretty sure that this is what happened when one woman, Julie Gueue, decided to get revenge on a commuter who’d parked in her drive. According to Julie, she’s put up with “‘lazy, obnoxious and rude, often threatening, people” parking in her drive (which is next to Farningham Road train station) for over ten years.

Ten years – that’s as old as some children, guys.

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So when some cheeky chap parked on her drive, on the morning she’d arranged for builders to gravel it, she finally flipped, dumping the tonne of gravel directly behind his car and blocking it for two days.


And for added fury, she added a note, saying:

“Happy digging, at least it’s not raining.”

Although the driver said it was a genuine mistake, as he thought he was parking in front of his friend’s house, Julie said that after putting up with it for so long, she “no longer care[s] if it’s a genuine mistake or not.”

Basically, if you want to keep your car on the road, do not risk parking in any driveways in East Sussex. 

H/T: Metro

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