Explosive Row Goes Viral After Dog Groomer Refuses To Bring Back Man’s Dog

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Exhibiting about the worst customer service we’ve ever seen, the explosive row between a dog groomer and one of her clients (the owner, not the dog) has gone viral. 

Gaz Egan had used a mobile grooming service, and they picked up his dog, as planned at 10am.

All well and good. It was when the time came for the dog to be returned, that things started to go wrong. As Gaz explained on Facebook, his dog was due to be returned at 1, so when it wasn’t back by 2, he called the business to see what was going on.

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The groomer told him it’d be half 2, and then told him to come and pick up the dog himself. Gaz headed down to the headquarters, only to find that his dog wasn’t there.

The groomer, over the phone, refused to bring his dog back until he paid. Understandably, Gaz did not want to pay until he saw his dog, safe and sound.

The video he recorded (of what turned out to be a pretty explosive argument) has gone viral, with over 35,000 people sharing it: