Meet Stevie, The Blind Rescued Cat Who Loves To Go Hiking

Stevie is a blind rescued cat I adopted 4 years ago from a local shelter in Cork, Ireland. She’s a natural explorer and loves to accompany me on hikes in the beautiful Irish countryside and the surrounding mountains. When we go hiking together, she usually prefers to explore all by herself and follows my sounds but she also walks alongside me on a leash or balances on my shoulders with ease!

Life has been pretty busy lately, I’ve recently become a father of two and my fiancee and I are also saving up to buy our first house but Stevie continues to be a very important part of my life as she’s always been – we’re inseparable!

Currently, we’re planning a big hike in March 2016 where we’ll tackle Ireland’s highest mountain Carrauntoohil to raise money for animal welfare in Ireland. Stevie has always been an inspiration for me and continues to be with her courage, tenacity and her great love of life!

Stevie is an expert mountaineer!

Since she’s blind, Stevie navigates with a combination of her senses

Keeping low to the ground so her whiskers can detect her immediate surroundings

Her sense of smell is extremely sharp

She uses her paws to judge distances to make sure she doesn’t fall off ledges!

And that’s our recent hike to an old Irish Castle