A Sex Version Of AirBnB Has Opened Online


It may be just under a year away, but when it comes to booking next year’s Valentine’s Day retreat wash away your vanilla side, and book into one of KinkBnB’s various “sex” rentals… 

Describing itself as the “sex-positive Airbnb” (we never knew the original app was so frigid), KinkBnB aims to push BDSM into the mainstream by normalizing kinky weekends away.

As marketing director, Ryan Galiotto, explains:

“Every new, kinky image adds to the progress of acceptability… We appeal to the sexually adventurous and curious alike, people who know what they want and those that are just starting out.”

It basically works exactly the same as your average AirBnB search, but instead of looking up “quaint holiday village in Norfolk” you can search for a classic dungeon or an “apartment with slave for master” or even a prison cell.  These were some of my fave potential holiday hang outs:




For the kinky hipster in you? 


I’m guessing this comes with a piggy decor? 


And this one’s just a bit depressing really, but cheap, so you know, swings and roundabouts…



Apparently some properties even offer up “extra educational services”, which sounds like the creepiest request for a threesome I’ve ever heard. Ryan explained that the idea came about when a friend,

“who has a rentable dungeon play space had her regular guest room dropped from a popular guest share space… that was when we realized that this was an important group not being served… 100 users signed up within the first day.”

I want a friend who has a “rentable dungeon space” just causally knocking about her home.

Will you be trying out KinkBnB? Let us know in the comments. 

H/T: Dazed Digital 

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