Facebook Are Introducing A ‘Birthday Cam’ So Get Your Singing Voice On


With less and less people wishing each other “Happy Birthday” on Facebook, the social media giant is introducing a new feature, hoping to bring the love back.. 

For now it’s on iOS only, but on your friend’s birthday, you’ll be asked to record them a short, 15 second video. You can put a “birthday filter” – alla snapchat – over the top, then you post it to your friend’s timeline for them (and presumably the rest of the world as well) to see.


Maybe you’ll use the time to sing them Happy Birthday, maybe you’ll use it to tell them what a special person they are. Maybe you’ll just skip the video, and write them a more conventional message… The choice is yours.

We can’t wait to see how this pans out when people get drunk and start saying how much they love you and that you’re the best ever.

It’s a nice idea – getting a load of videos from your loved ones on your birthday – but will many people actually do it?

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Image Credits: Black Hat World, The Verge

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