I Created Little Matador Costumes For Pets

Trajes De Luces by Anthony Rubio

As many of you have come to learn, nothing designed by Anthony Rubio is done by accident. His work is quite deliberate making a clear statement about his inspiration and his personal interpretation. Extensive research goes from hours to days spent cultivating and mastering the execution of the final product. His are not just designs of garments but works of meticulously hand crafted art.

Of recent days, Anthony has come to notice an influence in up coming fashions which draws on not just materials or colors but on culture. Though Mr. Rubio “Does Not” condone or support any activity or sport that brings about the killing of any living creature it is the elaborate and flamboyant fashion worn by the “Matador” for the bull fight that has taken him on this new adventure. It is the pomp and premise as well as the celebration that has stirred an interest and ultimately influenced these new works of “Art” by Anthony Rubio.

The traje de luces (suit of lights) is the traditional clothing that Spanish bullfighters (toreros, picadors and rejoneadors) wear in the bullring. The term originates from the sequins and reflective threads of gold or silver. These trajes are based on the flamboyant costumes of the 18th-century dandies and showmen involved in tauromachia, which later became exclusive to the bullfighting ritual. Later adornments include the montera hat, elaborate embroidery and decorative accessories.

For this new and so unique collection, Anthony Rubio has researched the history of the actual garments worn by the matadors and the symbolic colors and traditional tailoring involved in creating such a statement piece like the Chaquetillas (short jackets). All kinds of luxurious materials were combined creating new textures and colors adorned with metallic threads, gilded lace, pearls, crystals and of course the artisan skill to create a form, a shape normally applied to humans only in this case transformed to fit canines. It all culminates in a celebration of the regal yet pompous and egotistical matador.

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