I Make Sharp Inappropriate Cards So People Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

I am an independent greeting card and gift creator. I write, hand-letter and illustrate greeting cards and other products with funny observations, puns and good old fashioned potty humour.

Life can seemingly become full of negativity, bad news and stress but I’ve always tried to look at the bright side whenever possible. I tend to joke about the things I can’t control and find humour in things that seem frustrating or overwhelming. It’s this attitude that’s helped me take things in stride and overcome situations that may have otherwise turned me into a pessimistic grump forever.

It’s my hope that my creations help people approach life with a bit more humour and levity. I wholeheartedly agree that laughter is the best medicine.

More info: paperfreckles.com

Getting older doesn’t have to be a pity party.

Divorce isn’t the end and as a friend, you can always back up their decision.

A little honesty never hurt…

But don’t forget mom.

A “Just Because” card doesn’t have to be sappy…

Neither does a card for the parents to be…

An illness, big or small, can always use a little levity…

And a little affirmation never felt so good.

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