Police Officer Suspended Without Pay Over “Controversial” Vines


The Buffalo Police Department are perfectly happy for their officers to be on social media, but they have a couple of rules. 

You can’t appear in uniform, and you can’t represent yourself as a cop. Fair enough? We think so. They wouldn’t want their employees – I don’t know – pretending to steal cocaine from the evidence locker or something…


Well, all in the name of comedy, that’s what Officer Richard Hy did. In a series of seven second sketches (posted on Vine under the account ‘Angry Cops‘) he pretends to shoot people (“I’m out of vacation days, shut up I just grazed you”), to ignore people asking for his help, to talk on the phone whilst driving, and yes, to steal coke from the evidence locker.

While some have been deleted, you can check out one of his more controversial vines here:

Unfortunately, Buffalo Police didn’t see the funny side, and Richard has been suspended without pay. We get that police need to be seen as upstanding and trusted, but, as two officers pointed out to WIVB4, they have a hard job and sometimes need to blow off steam:

“I think it’s great for cops to be able to take some time out of their day to show the human side of the badge, that they have a sense of humor. Are we perfect, and is every cop gonna’ agree ? No. Sometimes maybe the sense of humor is missed by some, but it’s caught by a whole bunch of others.”

Some of his Vines are – inarguably – very funny (this one being our favourite):

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Image Credits: Angry Cops,

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