A SWAT Team Got Called To The Home Of “Damn Daniel” Creator Josh Holz


Last week, one Josh Holz posted a video of his friend, now known as “Damn Daniel”, getting “back at it again with the white vans”. 

This went viral.

There have been numerous memes, remixes and tributes made (with this dance routine being particularly special):

Now, however, the attention on Josh has turned a bit nasty, with one “joker” calling a SWAT team to his house.

This – as it turns out – is actually a prank (and a misdemeanor) known as “swatting”. Essentially, somebody will report a serious crime (such as a shooting or a hostage situation) in progress at someone’s house, in order to have a SWAT team storm the premises.


People often attempt it on celebrities – such as popular video game streamers – and activists. And it’s a fairly traumatic thing to have happen. Any “cop” show will tell you that the last thing you want is armed police bursting through your front door…

It’s also pretty dangerous; not only does it waste police time and resources, but all it takes is one jittery cop – or one anxious homeowner – and somebody innocent could be killed.


It can’t have been fun for Josh. As ABC News reported, police responded to a call that “someone at a residence on Hamilton Drive had shot their mother with an AK-47″.

The family reportedly cooperated with police, who quickly determined that it was a hoax call.

They are now investigating, hoping to find whoever made it, but with Josh being so suddenly internet famous, it might be a difficult job…

Image Credits: A Government of Wolves, IMFDB

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