Boston Dynamics’ New Humanoid Robot Atlas Is Here To Enslave Humanity


Boston Dynamics are clearly a group of people that haven’t been to the cinema very much. If they had they would have known that the one thing you don’t do after building a terrifyingly efficient new humanoid robot, is taunt it.


That terrifyingly efficient new robot is the 2nd generation Atlas robot.

Packed with advanced sensors, a LIDAR laser-based imaging system (it’s as scary as it sounds) and a brand-new set of hydraulic joints Atlas 2 has increased mobility, balance, strength and dexterity.


Atlas 2 is also completely independent of any wires which means it’s free to roam as far as its not inconsiderable battery will take it.


While Atlas still needs the bite-sized supercomputer on its back, the robot can now wade through snow, open doors, lift boxes and even right itself when pushed.

To demonstrate how it can do all of these things the team at Boston decided the easiest thing to do was taunt Atlas by pushing it over, taking its box away and generally doing all the things that in films, will result in a robot uprising.

Thankfully for Boston, and indeed us, Atlas remains pleasantly removed from the advances in artificial intelligence that are currently taking place.

ibm watson

IBM’s Watson supercomputer is now capable of beating humans at most complex board games.


So for now, we can watch and marvel, safe in the knowledge that as long as Atlas doesn’t start eyeing a certain building with the words ‘IBM’ and ‘Watson’ on it we won’t be enslaved as a race anytime soon.

Boston Dynamics’ happy outcome is that Atlas 2 will become the new tested for companies who want to build life-saving or engineering robots.

Robots In 2016: These Are The Robots And Drones That Will Change Our Lives

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    Robots that can deliver other robots:

    Amazon Prime Air is a drone delivery service which the company is currently testing. The company aims to deliver products within just 30 minutes of the customer pressing the ‘order’ button.
    (AP Photo/Amazon)
  • 2

    Robots that could soon be saving lives:

    MARK RALSTON via Getty Images
    The robot ‘CHIMP’ developed by Team Tartan Rescue from the US prepares to complete a task during the finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge. It is hoped that these robots will eventually replace emergency services workers during events like the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
    (MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)
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    Robots that can carry your stuff:

    MARK RALSTON via Getty Images
    A robotic cheetah runs during a demonstration at the finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge. DARPA’s four-legged robots have been designed to carry supplies and ammunition for the US Army. Capable of travelling over tough terrain the hope is that these will eventually replace the need for trucks or small vehicles.
    (MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)
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    Robots that can kill:

    AFP via Getty Images

    A sentry robot freezes a hypothetical intruder by pointing its machine gun during its test in Cheonan. South Korea unveiled a high-tech, machine gun-toting sentry robot that could support its troops in detecting and killing intruders along the heavily fortified border with North Korea. The weapons-grade robot can detect, raise the alarm and provide suppressive fire.
    (KIM DONG-JOO/AFP/Getty Images)

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    Robots that can race each other:

    YOSHIKAZU TSUNO via Getty Images

    Japan’s motorcycle maker Yamaha Motor introduces the prototype model of a motorcycle riding robot ‘Motobot’ during a press preview at the Tokyo Motor Show in Tokyo on 28, 2015.
    (YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

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    Robots that are toys:

    The Sphero BB-8 remote controlled droid is on display at CES Unveiled, a media preview event for CES International, Monday, Jan. 4, 2016, in Las Vegas. The robot is controlled by an app for a mobile device.
    (AP Photo/John Locher)
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    Robots that will do your weekly shop:

    A new delivery drone company plans to revolutionise the way we do our shopping by replacing your weekly trip to Sainsbury’s with a tiny delivery robot which will bring your fruit and veg straight to your door.
    (Starship Technologies)


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