Jeremy Clarkson Apologises To The Top Gear Producer He Hit


Even though the damage has already been done, Jeremy Clarkson has apologised to the Top Gear producer he punched last year. Chris Evans has already taken Clarkson’s spot on the show, but Clarkson is still clearing up after the mess – having just settled a £100,000 racial discrimination and injury claim.

Oisin Tymon launched the action against Clarkson and the BBC after the “fracas” last March which left Tymon with a bloody lip, and a visit to A&E.

“I would like to say sorry, once again, to Oisin Tymon for the incident and its regrettable aftermath,” Clarkson said.

“I want to reiterate that none of this was in any way his fault.”

For those of you who weren’t aware of what happened, a ‘fracas’ occured in a hotel in the Yorkshire Dales. The presenter reportedly lost his temper after being told he had arrived back at the hotel too late to have a hot dinner.

He told producer Oisin Tymon he fancied an 8oz sirloin with fondant potatoes, pan-fried wild mushrooms, grilled cherry tomatoes and peppercorn sauce.


But a “fracas” erupted when Tymon, 36, told him the kitchen was closed and suggested a platter of cold meats and cheeses instead. Basically, Clarkson hit him – and ended his career with the BBC. Lovely.

A commemorative plaque has been erected where the ‘fracas’ occured to remember the historic incident.

Clarkson is now hosting a car themed show for Amazon Prime.

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