The Facebook “Reactions” Have Finally Arrived: Here’s What You Need To Know


People wanted a dislike button, but Facebook have done you one better. 

They’ve rolled out six new “reactions” for users to respond with. You can be “sad”, “angry”, you can “wow”, “yay” or “haha”, and then you can “like” or “love” a post.


To use the reactions, on a desktop, you hover you mouse over the “like” button, and all the different reactions pop up:


On mobile (which will apparently also be rolled out today), it will work the same, although holding down the like button, instead of hovering over it.

Underneath each post appears each emoji that has been used to react to it. So for this one…


..we know that it’s had 484 “likes”, “loves” and “wows”. If you hover over each, you get an individual number.

Facebook claim that this is only the beginning, and – based on user feedback – they plan to add more reactions.

Are you a fan of the new “like” system? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Image Credits: Mashable

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