Woman Paints Awesome Superhero Costumes On Her Naked Bod


Dressing up for Halloween, or for cosplay, takes long enough as it is – now imagine you painted it on. Or, more hilariously, imagine you painted your everyday clothes on. It would be great, unless you happened to live in England where it rains even when it’s sunny.

Kay Pike, from Canada, turns herself into famous superheroes and other cartoon characters by painting it straight onto her body – none of that ‘costume’ malarky. Some of her outfits/paintings take up to 10 hours. And we can’t even imagine what her showers are like…

Kay started learning bodypainting in 2015 after meeting Lianne Moseley, Guest Bodypainter at Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo 2015. She has been working on her skills and  trying new tools and materials ever since.

If you’re interested in seeing how the costumes come to life, you should keep an eye on Kay’s Twitch account, where she livestreams the process. Grab your popcorn!

Captain Canuck BodypaintCaptain Canuck Bodypaint I painted on twitch.tv! Here is the replay http://www.twitch.tv/kaypikefashion/v/41959963and Give a follow <3 as I’ll be painting tomorrow in a special speed run paint, my goal is keep it under 6 hours! :DCaptain Canuck is our Canadian superhero. He has been around since the seventies so he’s been a thing here for a while! If you’ve been to a comic convention in Canada you’ve probably Met Richard Comely, the writer. He’s a really nice guy!For those of you that don’t know Captain Canuck you should check out the reboot web series on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFinqPnt7SoOtherwise feel free to speculate on “super powers” in the comments, I heard some hilarious guesses on what a Canadian super hero can do in the chat on twitch yesterday XD#captaincanuck Captain Canuck Richard Comely #canadian #canada #comics #red #white #canada #comic #illusion Tatiana Maslany Chapterhouse Comics Ajay Fry Canada #twitch C4 – Central Canada Comic Con Kryolan USA Northern FanCon 2016 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo Mehron NY #mehroncanada #makeup #bodypaint #bodyart #painting #yyc #calgary #makeupartist Paul Amos

Posted by Kay Pike (Designer/ Model) on Monday, 8 February 2016

Poison Ivy BodypaintPoison Ivy I painted on http://www.twitch.tv/kaypikefashion last time, and I am painting Again Tomorrow!I really like Pamela IRL. Ivy fights for the world itself, she is like Captain Planet… but a bit of a sociopath. 😀 Poison Ivy=planeteer haha. I actually really prefer the New 52 Origin to the old one, its a little more twisted and human and convoluted. Shows she is indeed a neutral character, and ironically very human. You’ll find the animation appropriate as it refers to her M.O. *blows you a kiss* and personally my M.O., long time lurkers know what I am talking about 😀 This is the exact same wig I used for Starfire too~ a matilda in pumpkin from Arda Wigs Canada https://www.facebook.com/ArdaWigs/ #poisonivy #bodypaint #umatherman Neil Gaiman Jim Lee Clare Foley Clare Grant Alyssa Milano Tara Strong Jimmy Palmiotti #redhair #yyc #calgary #bodyart Twitch Kryolan Professional Make-up Mehron NY SEPHORA Ben Nye Makeup #mehronmakeup #kryolanofficial #mehron Arda Wigs #makeup #mua #makeupartist #comic #comicbooks #cosplay #cospaint #twitchcreative #twitch #dc #fanart #beauty Comic Book Resources Geek Fantasy Magazine Geek.com Cosplay #wig Suicide Squad #suicidesquad #ArkhamKnight #GothamCitySirens #dccomics #batman #PamelaIsley #green

Posted by Kay Pike (Designer/ Model) on Friday, 19 February 2016

Lady Deadpool Bodypaint TimelapseBodypaint livestream today at http://www.twitch.tv/kaypikefashion starting 1pm MST.This little clip is from last time when I painted lady Deadpool and we reached 7000 followers on twitchtvOn any other social media platform I say “likes don’t matter” its really different for twitch.tv creative however. It is a new platform for artists to build communities and share and learn from one another. New twitch is trying so hard, and doing really well, at being better then old twitchThe very fact that there is 7000 people in a PURE CREATIVE stream (not filtering in from a gamer stream) means so much for the idea of their creative platform. Its a significant amount of people that like the creation process as a livestream and this can mean so many good things for artists all over the world.I also know that a lot of you on Facebook and other kaypikefashion social medias found twitch because of these posts. You deserve all the hype! Please come in, ask questions and relax. We have a dozens of active regulars with a peaceful kind attitude that are always glad to involve and interact with new people. Are you excited? Come hang out and chat! I’m going to be using one of my new https://www.facebook.com/ArdaWigs Arda Wigs Canada wigsbut that is your only hint. #deadpool #deadpoolmovie Ryan Reynolds Rob Liefeld Deadpool Movie Deadpool – Movie Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo Kryolan Professional Make-up Mehron NY SEPHORA Ben Nye Makeup Marvel #makeup #bodypaint #yyc #calgary #mua #makeupartist #comic #comicbooks #makeupcoach #illusion #cosplay #cospaint #bodyart Twitch #twitchcreative #twitch #fanart

Posted by Kay Pike (Designer/ Model) on Saturday, 13 February 2016

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