Happy Couple Celebrate Arrival Of New Burrito With Beautiful Family Photo Shoot


The thing about people with babies is that they automatically assume you feel as invested in their child as they do. Don’t get me wrong, kids are (sometimes) lovely but, if Arsenal are looking like they might beat Leicester and you’re sticking a video of your baby badly playing the piano in front of my face, I won’t be pleased.


Same goes for couples on Facebook who constantly share baby pictures. Away with you! Stop reminding the rest of us that we’re single and that the closest we got was going halfsies on a pizza with our flatmate.

That’s where comedians Ella Gale and M.K. Paulsen come in. In regards to professional baby/family photos, they got their pictures taken with their new arrival… a burrito.


Having a burrito is such an incredible experience that it seemed ridiculous to keep it to ourselves.


M.K. Paulsen wrote on their site:

Ella and I are absolutely THRILLED to share these pictures of our perfectly loved new little burrito



It really brings a smile to your face to see a new addition to this world, especially one made from beef and cheese. Beautiful.

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