Kesha Has Thanked Her Supporters With An Emotional Song


kesha song

Only last week Kesha broke her silence, posting an Instagram to thank the people who have supported her in the wake of her court battle to get out of her contract with Sony. 

The judge denied her request to break her contract, and the support for Kesha – devastated by this decision – has been overwhelming since. Thousands of people have tweeted her, Adele used her Brits acceptance speech to declare her support, and Taylor Swift donated $250,000.

Now, Kesha’s lawyer has released a clip of her singing an emotional song, again to thank people for their solidarity.

Short but sweet, the clip has caused many to point out how flawless Kesha’s voice is, as they believe her talent is being wasted.

People are now urging Sony – who recently released a statement explaining that they weren’t in a legal position to release Kesha from her contract, but were doing everything they could to support her – to drop Dr. Luke, and #FreeKesha.

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