Subway’s Sandwiches Will Now Actually Be A Footlong Thanks To Lawsuit


If you’ve ever finished a Subway footlong and found yourself thinking, “something’s wrong – I’m still hungry”, this could be because Subway’s footlongs aren’t always quite a foot long, so to speak. 

In a class action lawsuit, ten people sued Subway for false advertising, as they found their sandwiches fell a little short (literally)…

Subway lost the case, and from now on will need to ensure that their footlongs fall no less than 12 inches, and their six inches no less than six.

They’ll be forced to carry out “compliance checks” with everyone who owns a store in their franchise, to make sure that no one is being sold a short sandwich.


They’ve also had to pay $520,000 in legal fees, and $500 in compensation to the ten people in the class action.

People weren’t, however, compensated for the sandwiches they bought under the “false advertising” because – as a lawyer for the plaintiffs put it – “it was difficult to prove monetary damages, because everybody ate the evidence”…

Image Credits: Server Nitrado

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