Watch Conor McGregor Surprising A Fan By Randomly Turning Up At His House



Conor McGregor has, as we’re sure you know, proven that he’s not that bad at fighting in the past. Being the UFC featherweight champion of the world should have been evidence for that, really…

But what’s he like as a person? Nice, apparently. For a man who punches other men for a living, he’s surprisingly affable.


As he was cruising through LA in his Rolls, he spotted a cardboard cut-out of himself in someone’s balcony… not that he was being particularly eagle-eyed, the owner of said cut-out was literally shouting as loud as he could at McGregor next to it.

But even so, he appreciated the gesture and shouted “Yeah, I’m gonna come up to you tomorrow“. And he did – much to the delight of his fan. Have a look!