Woman Gets Revenge On Boyriend After His Proposal Prank On Valentines Day



You might not have seen it, but on Valentines day this year Brad Holmes made the big decision to get down on one knee, hold his girlfriends hand, get a box from his pocket… and ask if she’d make him a cuppa.


Jenny Davies, the one who almost got engaged, was definitely not impressed and began to plot her revenge. And how does one trump a fake proposal? A fake baby. Obviously.

Jenny got her hands on a positive pregnancy test, we’re not really sure where from, and used it to fool Brad – who even called his dad to tell him the big news.

Babe, I’m pregnant…

Posted by Brad Holmes on Sunday, 28 February 2016


We can’t help but wonder what the two get up to for April fools, or what will happen when she really is pregnant or he really does want to put a ring on it.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…


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