Miley Cyrus Posts Threat About Leaving The Country If Trump Becomes President


We all make threats about things. When your mum wouldn’t let you eat chicken dipper and potato smileys for dinner, you threatened to run away. Miley Cyrus is basically doing the same thing.

Except it’s Trump, he’s threatening to ruin things, so she’s saying she will leave the country if he gets into power. The difference is, she could actually do it because she’s an adult who is particularly wealthy.

What she didn’t account for was that it might work the opposite way, in that people might vote for Trump in the hope that Cyrus leaves town. People are saying that’s what they’ll do, but they don’t mean it… right? Surely no one will vote for Trump?

Wrong. Lots of people are.

Tuesday was known as “Super Tuesday” in the US, with several states holding primaries and caucuses.  Trump won a lot of delegates. Needless to say, Cyrus wasn’t happy. Posting a graph showing how many delegates Trump managed, Cyrus’ message was simple:

Good use of her old song in a hashtag there, great work. She later posted a photo she had taken from someone else’s Instagram which shows two clasped hands covered in bloood and talks about the joys of hunting.

Well… that’s bleak.

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