11 Reasons To Turn Your Phone Upside Down


In the past few days a pretty creepy picture of Adele has been making the rounds, because at first glance it just looks like Adele’s face. However, when turned upside down it’s actually pretty terrifying. 

When it comes to the internet, typically there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ of a good thing, so of course they gave a load of other celebs the same treatment 0- and we’ve gathered some of the best for you.

This is particularly easy if you’re reading this on a phone, as you can just turn that bad boy upside down (remember to turn the automatic screen rotation thing off), and if you’re on a desktop you can press Ctrl + Alt + down. Or you can just see how far around you can turn your head without damaging your neck.

The original, Adele:

Harry Styles:

Tori Kelly:

Demi Lovato:

Justin Bieber:

Miley Cyrus:

Hilary Clinton:

Niall Horan:

Ariana Grande:

Nicki Minaj:

Dylan O’Brien:

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