Anonymous Have Hacked Donald Trump’s Voicemails And Leaked Them Online


We were kind of wondering when the hacktivist group Anonymous were going to strike again, and it seems like they’ve decided to end their few weeks of silence with a particularly dramatic stunt. And obviously, Donald Trump was the target.

The group of hackers claim they hacked Donald Trumps voicemails, which they then sent to Gawker. Who put them on the internet. Obviously.

The leaked audio clips appear to feature news anchors Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Tamron Hall, who all work for MSNBC, one of America’s top left leaning TV networks. All three hosts have had a go at grilling Trump recently.

Gawker are quick to point out that despite ‘sounding genuine’ they can’t verify the authenticity of the messages. However Joe Scarborough, one of the people featured in the voicemails has tweeted in reference to the message in a manner that suggests the messages are real:

Here are the select few that Gawker has released so far: