Record-Breaking Rower Was Accidentally Shown Half Naked On BBC News


Isn’t it annoying when you break a world record and, when the BBC come to film you, they accidentally broadcast you naked? 

It was one of those ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moments, and of course – there were lots of people who didn’t blink.

The Yorkshire Rows team were excited to link up with BBC Breakfast to talk about their amazing record-breaking trip across the Atlantic Ocean, but for a split second the viewers got a glimpse of Helen Butters naked from the waist down.

‘It was so wet all the time… To wear clothes all the time was a bit silly really because they’d just get wet and they’d take a long time to dry so it was easier (to be naked).’

Janette Bennadi, who was on the team with Ms Butters, Frances Davies and Niki Doeg, said their nakedness was just part and parcel of their trip.

Helen Butters BBC Breakfast Grab.jpg

At least they saved themselves from any awkward chafing!

Ms Butter said: ‘I was the last one to embrace my nakedness.’

So, the least enthusiastic of the naked rowers was the one who accidentally flashed her bits on national television. Life’s a b*tch, and then you die (or show the country your hoo-ha).

Lesson of the day: always wear knickers in front of camera crews.

The BBC said: ‘We quickly realised our error and edited the clip so it wasn’t broadcast again later in the programme. We apologise to our guest and our viewers for the mistake.’

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