The Council Wouldn’t Let This Guy Get A Garage Door So He Did Something Ingenious


Planning permission is like the ninth worst thing in the world. You pay all that money for a house or land in general and, just when you think you can make the place a little bit better, the council are all like “Ooooh no it won’t look right. You’ll have to keep your family of five in the one bedroom bungalow!

Obviously none of this happened for me, I’m single and sleeping in the same bedroom I had when I was two. But real people (that aren’t helloU writers) have real-life problems that aren’t to do with what our mums cooked us for dinner.

Like this guy… The Belgian retired shop owner wanted to install a garage door onto his house, but the council wouldn’t let him. So he did something ingenious…





Brilliant. Mind you, it’s not great if you’re in a rush. Like if your wife went into labour and you needed to rush her off to hospital you’d have to be like “let me just move the bench so I can open the door, pull out of the garage, leave the car, close the fence, move the bench back and then get back into the car and then we’re off!

I’d get some curtains too, if I were him. Also, I’d have chosen to put a potted plant in front of the door – you’re just going to get people sitting on that bench.

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