Quick Thinking Guy Saves Kid From Flying Baseball Bat


If a large, heavy metal object hits you in the face, it’s going to do some damage…

So, naturally, if a large, heavy metal object is flying through the air towards you, you’re going to duck, flinch and try and get out of the way.


Unfortunately, you can only do that if you’re aware it’s coming… One unsuspecting kid – who had just taken a picture of his favourite player, and was checking it on his phone – almost got seriously hurt at a baseball game in Florida recently, when Danny Ortiz lost his grip on the bat, sending it flying into the crowds of spectators.

If it hadn’t been for the quick-thinking of the guy sitting next to him (reportedly his dad), the bat would have hit that boy right in the face…

You can see how close a call it was here:

That kid could have been seriously hurt.

Some people are arguing that the guy in red (seemingly trying to use the force to stop the bat) is the real hero:


He’s already getting the photoshop treatment…


But in all seriousness, that man (whether the boy’s dad or not) just saved that kid from getting badly hurt. What a guy. 

Image Credits: Reddit, Twitter

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