UFC Fighter Gets A Brutal Lesson In Karma After A Dirty Cheap Shot


I’m not going to pretend I know anything about UFC. People punch and get punched, the crowd cheers (except when they don’t) and “lads” lap it up because FIGHTING IS COOL, BRO!

But of all the punches we collectively say “yay” to, there are a few we go “booo” for. For instance, sly fox, Erick Silva, went for a little pre fight fist bump with his opponent, Nordine “naïvety” Taleb, as the bell rang but, as Taleb went to bump fists, Silva withdrew and punched him!


It’s like the fighting equivalent of going to shake someone’s hand, backing off quickly and slicking your hair back. Just not cricket.

But ol’ Silva was dealt a serious lesson in Karma when some more punching happened…