14 Of The Most Messed Up Face Swaps On Social Media


Face-swapping is about as cool right now, as sliced white bread was back in our parent’s days.

So just as your mum used to show off her sandwich in the playground, we’ve all taken to sharing our most messed-up Face-swap attempts on social media. It truly is a glorious thing.

We’ve trawled our Twitter feeds, and found the weirdest the sweet people of the internet have blessed us with:

Easing you in with the classic man vs. baby child

This girl face-swapped her way into the Kardashian clan 

I’m not sure how Jesus would feel about this? 

This kind of works? 

Bringing a whole new meaning to the cookie monster? 

We got in on the action and snapped this pretty f*cked up one at the BRITs 

The stuff of nightmares

Picasso would have loved this

Marissa’s hit the nail on the head here

One way of getting yourself on TV

Cat + child = a whole new level of mental 


There are no words… 

Hanging out here all day must be creepy enough as it is 

Check out our celeb face-swapping efforts at this year’s BRIT Awards: