4-Foot-Long Rat That’s ‘As Big As A Dog’ Found Near Children’s Play Area


The first of many, many questions that arise from the picture of a man holding up a very, very large rat is WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SMILING, MAN?!

The second being, please tell me it’s dead and can’t reproduce? Also, are you sure it isn’t a mole, or something?

The nightmarish creature was found by a gas worker in London, who said it was ‘the largest rat [he’s] ever seen in [his] entire life.’

In all honesty, I’d be worried if there was anyone who could say they’ve seen bigger. The thing weighed about 25lbs, and was found dead in a busy road next to a playground in Hackney.

‘I’ve got a cat and a Jack Russell and it was bigger than both of those put together. I’d say it was about four foot. We were going to stick it in the bin, but before we did we thought we better take a picture or people won’t believe it’s real.’


Tony, the new go-to man for opinions on mutant rats,  said that the estate where he has been working has suffered a rat infestation – and divulged that he thinks that their ‘good diet’ would have resulted in the rat’s bizarre size.

He said: ‘The bins get left open nearby so these little fellas have a pretty good diet.’

This huge mutant rat has come after warnings from pest control experts – who say that rats are becoming immune to traditional poisons. The end is coming. 

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