Miesha Tate Posts ‘Revenge’ Video Of The Cop Who Checked Out Her Butt


We’ve all had a cheeky side-eye glance at someone attractive at some point in our life. And for most of us, that person wasn’t even getting dressed, or doing anything of any interest. Or had a body like Miesha Tate. In short, it happens.

The internet exploded when a cop was caught on video hilariously taking a quick peek at the UFC fighter’s butt during a weigh-in, and a coach posted it online. He captioned it ‘That moment when you see yourself on tv and you know your wifes gonna kill you!’

It was all taken in good spirits, luckily, and Tate found the whole thing very entertaining. So much so that she talked the cop into a bit of a role reversal for good time’s sake.  

Nice try, guys, but nothing beats the original!

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