Murdered Man Attends His Own Funeral Propped Up In A Chair


This unconventional funeral in Puerto Rico has been making the news this morning, mainly because the family of the recently deceased man opted not to put him in a coffin, but to prop him up in a chair instead. 

Fernando de Jesus Diaz Beato, 36, was shot 15 times outside his home earlier this month. His family decided to pay their final respects as if he as still alive. His eyes are open and he has a cigarette in his hand.

One of Diaz Beato’s sisters said:

 “Everybody is really surprised because seeing him like that is like seeing him as if he were alive. ‘We decided to embalm him like this because he was a very happy person, very active and we want to remember him as he was.”



Marin Funeral Home worked closely with the family to give him the send off they wanted. It’s the ninth unconventional funeral they have done, although this is the first where the person’s eyes have been left open. Damaris Marin, the owner of the funeral home, said:

“This time is different because he is seated with his legs crossed but, this is the first dead man in history with his eyes open. We have seen that the families wish to see the dead men just as they were when they were alive. We gave [the family] a surprise by leaving the eyes of the dead man open.”

The police are yet to arrest anyone for his murder.