Woman Send Message To A Website That Put Model A In One Leg Of Plus-Size Shorts


This was just asking for some kind of response. 

Fashion website Wish decided to advertise a pair of shorts designed for plus-size women by showing a model fitting into one leg of the shorts. 


It didn’t go unnoticed. Christina Ashman, a Bristol-based designer who runs the label Interrobang, saw the advertisement and hit back with an image of her own. 


Speaking to Buzzfeed, Christina said:

“I thought it was the worst example of marketing I’ve ever seen!If you’re aiming a product at a certain demographic, you should be using an example of that demographic to show how it would actually look on them. Plus-size shorts should be shown on two plus-size legs – not a whole petite body inside one leg.”

Here’s her original post.


Fair play, Christina certainly got her message across and made us laugh at the same time.

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