‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ Viewers In Stitches After Woman’s Embarassing Mistake On Live TV


There are two kinds of people: the people who win things, and people who don’t. This lady mistakenly thought she had made the exciting transition from the latter to the former… she was wrong. 

We’ve never made a mistake on live TV before, but we can imagine it’s the kind of thing that keeps you up at night.

In last night’s installment of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, the leading duo went to the segment where they give away the entire contents of the ads to a lucky audience member.

In a a dramatic moment, the camera panned across the audience and landed on someone. That someone was an audience member called Jess, but the lady sat in front of Jess thought it was her and reacted accordingly. The viewers bloody loved it.

Ant and Dec, like the presenting professionals they are, smoothed over the mistake with ease. Well, kind of – they announced:

‘There was a bit of confusion there…sorry love, it was the woman behind you.’

Sorry, love.

Yesterday’s show also featured Mel B being pranked by Ant and Dec and drinking from dog’s bowl, Jennifer Lawrence arm-wrestling with Little Ant and Dec, as well as Craig David performing live.

Meanwhile the beautiful Hugh Jackman is lined up to be next weekend’s guest announcer.

What’s your most embarrassing moment? Can you beat this? Let us know in the comments

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