10 Pictures That Will Remind You Just How Insignificant You Are


That the universe is big is one of those things that we all know. 

Nobody is surprised by that fact. We’re tiny, we’re insignificant, we all realise that. What we don’t always realise, and what is nice to have put in perspective, is just quite how tiny, and just quite how insignificant…

You see, this is the Earth:


We’ve all been there.

And here’s the Earth in relation to the other planets (and the sun) in our solar system:


We’re the third from the left.

Here’s what North America would look like if it was on Jupiter:


This is what we look like from Mars:


And this is how tiny we are, compared to the Sun:


It’s not exactly like our Sun is anything to boast about, however…

Look at how tiny we are in relation to the largest star ever discovered:


And there’s no knowing if that’s the largest star there is. There’s more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on Earth’s beaches. We just don’t get to see many of them:


And we’re not surprised. If you scaled the Sun down to the size of a white blood cell, then the Milky Way would be the size of the United States.

So, far too gigantic for the eye to behold. And the Milky Way? Tiny..


If our galaxy is the size of the United States, then what does that make IC 1011?


Plus, this image – captured by the Hubble Telescope – shows thousands of galaxies, each with millions of stars and god only knows how many planets.

And that’s only a fraction of the picture…


Feeling tiny?

Image Credits: Pexels, Can You Actually

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