Chris Evans Apologises After ‘Highly Disrespectful’ Top Gear Stunt



What is it about Top Gear that makes its presenters behave like naughty toddlers with driving licenses? 

We all thought that when the BBC finally gave the terrible trio (sorry James May, we know you’re a sweetie really) the boot, that Top Gear would become the wholesome family entertainment programme the beeb intended it to be.

I mean, how safe a choice was Chris ‘Radio Two’ Evans and Matt ‘Joey Tribbiani’ LeBlanc? But it appears that they’ve also – or at least their producers – caught the “nasty man” Top Gear curse, after pulling off a stunt that saw them doing doughnuts around London’s Cenotaph war memorial.

To answer Twitter user @MoAnsar’s question, yeah, it probably is.

A former British military commander, Col. Richard Kemp told BBC Radio 5 Live that the Cenotaph is like a graveyard, and “does not need to have people screaming around in cars and generating smoke from their tyres all over it.”, saying that he thinks the footage shouldn’t be shown on the show out of respect.

He also added:

“People like Matt LeBlanc and other stars of Top Gear could never give to this country, or their own country, what those who have died fighting for it have given and I think a degree of respect is due to them.”

Even Chris Evans, who was apparently unaware that the stunt was taken place, has said that the footage looked “disrespectful”. Leaving the BBC this morning – in what are most definitely his PJ bottoms – he said he “would like to apologise unreservedly for what these images seem to portray.”